Newbie... is this possible?


I’m new at Rails, but I think I understand the concept. Now I’m
trying to map that to what I’ve done in the past with JSP/Java/Tomcat,
and I have a specific problem I need to solve.

A client likes to have his registered users have their own portal
pages, like “”. In JSP I just added logic to the
404 handling such that if the path name “someuser” was a registered
user in the database, then it would generate a page appropriate for
them. Then, since this was a referral-based system (in terms of
membership-benefits), if the visitor signed up on someuser’s page,
someuser would get credit for it.

How, in Rails, might such a thing be done? Would it be a hack like
what I did on Tomcat in JSP, with 404 handling? Or is there some
other facility for faking pages that don’t exist?

An example or other explanation of similar systems would be wonderful.


blunte wrote:

A client likes to have his registered users have their own portal

I think you’d basically do it the same way. Map an action as the
last-resort action and in there try to look up a user for the path. If
you don’t find a user /then/ you do the 404.

Read up on routes.rb… in fact, the comments in the generated routes.rb
might be enough.


On 5/7/07, Ben M. [email protected] wrote:

might be enough.


Yes have a look at doing this with routes.

I hesitate to provide an actual route, but if you look at the general

map.connect ‘/:controller/:action/:id’

This shows how you can construct a paraeterized url.

map.connect ‘/users/:username’, :controller => ‘users’, :action =>

would provide the action in users -> blah with the param[:username]

There is great docs on the rubysite for making really complex routes.


In routes:
map.connect “:id”, :controller => “users”, :action => “show”

put this last. So all your other controllers take precedent

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Thanks for the good responses!

I’ll look into “routes”.

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