Newbie installation question


I want to try and install the latest Typo from the subversion
repository, in order to test it a little bit. I want to run it on my
windows machine, which already has Ruby (1.8.5) and Rails (1.2.3).

Also, I would not like to install Mongrel and SQLite just for testing
purposes, so I’d like to run it on WEBrick and my MySQL installation.

I checked out Typo from the trunk, configured database.yml, ran he
migrations. Now I can run WEBrick, log in as admin, but I am not being
able to see the blog. Everytime I go to the root, it redirects me to
/admin, even if I am not logged in as the admin user.

Also, I’m sorry to post this here, but I couldn’t find directions to
installing Typo like that.

Thank you for your help,
Marcelo A…

When you go to the admin page for the first time, it will make you
click “Save Settings” or whatever before you can actually view the
blog. So, adjust the settings if you want, save them, and then try to
view the blog.