Newbie -How to install RoR on xampp for osx(leopard)

Hi all,
im a newbie on RoR framework, im working with mac OSX 10.5 (leopard)
im developing joomla! CMS with xampp in my local machine

i have a some questions pertaining to RoR

  1. how do i install RoR in xampp?
  2. i understand osx 10.5 come with latest ruby ver. 1.8.6
    how do this work in xampp environment? do i have install RoR again in

any help will be much appreciated

thank you

On Aug 26, 6:10 am, Swai Ho [email protected] wrote:

any help will be much appreciated

thank you

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I’d skip the whole Xampp part… Leopard comes with Rails and Apache
already, though you’ll need to update Rails.
You should only need to do:

sudo gem update --system
sudo gem update rails

Turn on Websharing and you should be good to go.
the Rails wiki shows how to use Xampp’s MySQL socket

Hope that helps