Newbie Help request on Freeride Debugger

Looking for help/guidance on how to use the Freeride debugger.

As a newbie, how do I use it to step through my code, set breakpoints,

I need the basics to get started. I mean absolute basics of what to do
after I click on the debug icon - or perhaps even before I click on the

Thanks in advance.


What??? No one can help me???

I know this is not a very sexy topic, but I thought this was the place
to ask for help.

I just need to learn a little bit on how to use the FreeRIDE debugger.

I am trying to run it on Windows XP system and it just seems to hang.
SO I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, or if I have to set
something up before I click on the debugger icon.

Since there are no real docs on this, I thought I should ask for help

PLEASE help if you can, or point me to an online resource that has some
specific basic examples on how to use it.



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