Newbie guidance: Dates and grouping

Hey all -

New to Ruby, though I’ve managed to stumble around in PHP (well, enough
to hack together what I needed).

I’ve initiated a (hopefully) simple project to keep track of upcoming
stories in our newspaper. It’s a one-table database with just a few
fields (writer, publication date, synopsis, notes, page assignment).

I’m slowly replacing the default scaffolding, but could use some
guidance about the best way of building a single list view that does the

  • Groups and sorts stories planned for the upcoming week by pub date
    (i.e. a header for Monday, with that day’s stories below it; a header
    for Tuesday, etc.)

  • Sub-groups by page number (i.e. visually group all Monday page 1
    stories together, then Monday page 2, etc.)

Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Tyson

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