|Newbie] Change default locale I18n file devise


This is probably something easy. I’ve looked at some documentation but
I didn’t find any good resources on how to change to default locale
file with Devise authentication plugin. Should I do it in my
application controller or should I change something in Devise? And how
should I do it.

// Anders

Sorry, perhaps I misunderstood you. But do you mean something like this?

 config.i18n.default_locale = :de

This is in application.rb (rails3) and has nothing specific to do with
Devise itself.


I think I needed a second thought to understand your question.

You want to change the content of the devise-locale-files?

Get the files you need, put them into config/locales and change them,
however you need them.

Oh sorry, me again. g There was a third thought.

Do you want to change something in views? Last time I used Devise, text
in views was hard coded. (I think

shows, it’s still the same.)

rails generate devise:views

Then you can edit the views in app/views/devise