Newbie: AJAX not working - Undefined Method error


I have included prototype in my Applications rhtml file

<%= javascript_include_tag "prototype" %> FLYPRO <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'flypro' %>

I call link_to_remote in a page as follows

<%= link_to_remote("Do Something", :update => 'flypro-list', :url => { :action => :list})%>

But when I hit the Link I get undefined method `link_to_remote’ for

The translated page viewed as source, has translated link_to_remote

Do Something</

This looks OK, so I don’t understand why I get undefined method error
on “periodcally_call_remote”, when it should be hooking up to
Ajax.updater, which does exist in prototype ? prototype does exist
under the public/javascripts folder.

Am I using the wrong prototype.js ? I cannot find any ‘link_to_remote’
functions in prototype.js, so where is it defined ?

Any help appreciated