Newb Help - Broken Links?

Hello…I’m pretty new to all this but I’ll try to make sense and use
the right terminology. Anyway, so I’ve installed radiant fine and
created a symlink from the radiant directory. When I go to the url it
displays as it should, but when I log in to the admin panel and click on
the pages/snippets/layout tags, I get 404 errors. For example, the
‘pages’ tab tries to go to but it should be going
to I practiced
installing radiant a few times before this install and didn’t have this
problem and didn’t have to play with the .htaccess file or anything.

Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately, those tabs use static urls. We’ll be looking into
fixing this in the future.


I’m sorry, I didn’t explain that clearly enough.

Radiant expects that it will run out of the root of your URL
namespace. You either need to do some funky URL rewriting, or keep
Radiant in the root. In addition to that, the tabs have static URLs,
which makes things difficult.


Thanks for the info and quick response.