New yahoo-groups: gmfsk-devel


Not really related to gnuradio, but this might be interesting for some
people here.

I’ve set up a new mailing-list on yahoogroups called “gmfsk-devel”. Its
goal is the discuss the further developement of gmfsk, the HAM
digital-mode program originally written by Tomi Manninen OH2BNS.
(see for more info on gmfsk).

As the official developement of the program by Tommi has stopped for
some time now, some people have started to addapt and extend the program
by themself; so this mailing-list is aimed to bring all these people

gmfsk provides a great GUI for some HAM-related digital modes; and -as
it is published under the GPL-licence- it can be concidered a good
starting-point for people interested in programming digital modes or
extending the program with other modes.

More info:

To join the list via email, sent a message to
[email protected]”.

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.

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