New website (using Rails)

I’m announcing the release of my first “real” Rails site to the
general public.

Too Many Secrets
[] is a site for anonymous confessions
and secrets. I tried to combine the best of, Cave Canum, and
True Mom|Dad|Office Confessions into one site as an excuse to learn
Rails (not that I needed an excuse).

If you would, please give it a shot and help spread the word. Even
though almost everything is cached, I doubt we could stand up to a
Digging or Slashdotting just yet, since we’re on a shared host.

I am planning on having monthly contests offering Amazon gift
certificates for the highest rated secret, but that’s still a few
revisions away.

Thanks to DHH and everyone in the Rails community for making software
fun to write again, and to Dave T. for writing Agile Web
Development with Rails.