New ways of protection and exchange of information

Inventing and programmes implemented in the form of encryption algorithm
random objects. Features: 1) you can specify a list of characters to be
zashifrovyvaniyu and only they will be encrypted. For example, in
bilingual text can encrypt text in one language and text in another
language will remain unencrypted, 2) can be a meaningful text, for
example, “I come to you on 14 September” to encrypt other meaningful
text, for example, "Moscow - the capital of the Russian Federation ".
The second phrase is encrypted way first. The recipient sees the second
sentence and with the help of our program learns the contents of the
first phrase. Moreover, the contents of the second phrase sender chooses
at its discretion. The first phrase is not transmitted to the recipient,
she recovers from the second phrase, 3) can be used as an encryption any
objects (characters, words, sentences, images, sounds, files, etc.). And
all these objects can choose the sender. If the sender chooses not
objects, the program encrypts the random objects. Thus, opening up new
ways unprecedented exchange of information between people, as well as
new ways of protecting information. Young people are most likely will
use tricks - one to send meaningful messages that contain information on
other communications, or will be used to encrypt images, sounds and
other multimedia. As an immobilized can be used to encrypt the same or
different sets of character sets, pictures and any other objects. For
example, you can encrypt the first sentence of 26 identical letters “T”
or 26 identical photographs of the sender. The first phrase to encrypt
only one symbol or only one photo. You can encrypt the large number of
characters meaningful text, or a large number of photographs. On the
burglary mathematical methods can not worry - just coincidence
vzlamyvaetsya over all possible values, but values such horrendously
high. Because encryption is carried out random objects, as a result of
encryption may make meaningful and the same facilities. File encryption
algorithm random bytes is a private occasion cipher random objects, with
significant simplification. With encryption algorithm random bytes of
files can be found on our website: http://crypto-service . “narod” . ru