New way to deploy a Rails application on Windows as a servic

This just came up on

Its an installer that enables you to run a rail application on a window
server as a service.

You can start and stop it, and it auto-starts on reboot.
It only requires a working version of RoR.

Its called windows rails app launcher.

On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 6:38 AM, Jedi Obiwan
[email protected] wrote:


A few caveats:

It requires you have previously installed dotNET (seems 2.0 is the one
used). So you cannot drop it into a barebones setup without it.

It install as unique service, but I don’t see a way that can get
several services install/start from it.

So I can compare it to a kind of crippled version of what
mongrel_service do, of course without the XML config file and the MSI

In any case, is good have alternatives!

Luis L.

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