New version of kalibrate available, v0.4.1

Kalibrate is a program I wrote that scans GSM frequency bands and looks
for base stations. It also caculates the offset between your local
oscillator and a GSM base station’s oscillator. (Kalibrate was
originally just designed to calculate the oscillator offset. It’s just
convenient for kal to also search for GSM base stations.)

I’ve released a bug-fix version, 0.4.1. This version contains the
following fixes:

(o) Support for Mac OS X (i.e., support for POSIX shared memory
rather than just SysV shared memory)

(o) Specifying the FPGA master clock frequency actually works now.

(o) Some constants subtly depend on the sample rate. I’ve
removed the decimation option and now calculate that

I’d also like to thank Mark J. Blair for his help getting kal to work
Mac OS X.

As usual, kal can be found here: