New Version of IBM_DB Rails Adapter/Driver for IBM DataServers now available

Hi All,

IBM_DB 1.0.1 gem refresh is now available. To download the new version

This release of the gem has made made clear the environment variables
to be set during the installation process by changing the environment
variable to be used. Details of the change can be found in the change
log below.

Change Log: -

  • Change in environment variables required for installing the gem on
    Linux/Unix/MacOS X platforms

    • New environment variable introduced

      IBM_DB_INCLUDE - A mandatory variable that is to be set to the path
      of include directory under DB2HOME.

      export IBM_DB_INCLUDE=DB2HOME/include

      Eg: - export IBM_DB_INCLUDE=/home/db2inst1/sqllib/include

    • Environment variable made obsolete


    Note: - The usage of environment variable IBM_DB_LIB remains the

  • Support for datatype Decfloat.

  • Support for specifying the Authetication type to be used for
    connection in the adapter.

The step by step process of installation as per the new changes can be
found at

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Download DB2 Express C from

Download the IBM_DB gem from