New version of AWDwR available

I’ve uploaded the B1.12 version of AWDwR.

The major changes include:

  • Justin Gehtland’s new chapter on Web 2.0

  • James Duncan Davisdon’s chapter on deployment (this is an
    interesting one—JDD has strong opinions on how a Rails
    application should be deployed, and the chapter mirrors this.
    You’ll find it short and easy to follow).

  • I changed the Resource-based routing section to use the new
    scaffold_resources generator

  • it fixes a number of reported errata and includes a bunch
    of suggestions. To find out what’s changed, go to
    Pragmatic Bookshelf: By Developers, For Developers and select
    the version of the book you currently own in the dropdown.
    The grayed-out entries that appear are the ones that have been
    fixed in the new version.

As usual, the update is available for free from

Enter just two of the three pieces of information to identify your PDF.
I recommend using your order number and your email address, as these
to be be the most consistent.

A note on errata: please do keep them coming in. However, as I’ll be
rewriting the chapters from the first edition (the ones with the gray
headers and footers) you might not want to stress too much about things
you find in these. Also, errata about bad page breaks and missing cross
references will be silently but brutally deleted, simply because that
kind of stuff is not really important until we come to finish the book.
Similarly, the entire index will be reworked when the book is finished,
so reporting missing index entries probably won’t help much…

Thanks for your support for this project. Keep the comments
coming in.


Dave T.

hi Dave

thank you. the new edition is awesome. a great book got even better.