New URL generation code cannot preserve port or protocol?


I recently discovered the all-new Typo site. Great stuff! Even better,
Typo 4.1 is out and works on Rails 1.2. My host uses this, so I’ve just
upgraded to Typo 4.1 from a Rails-frozen 4.0.0. Despite having to
various integration related patches and tweaks from the older version,
the process was really painless and the upgrade has more or less gone
without a hitch - except for one rather large speed bump.

The problem lies with Typo 4.1’s new URL code. While having no reference
to a Controller makes things cleaner internally, it seems there is no
to know anything about the request parameters - specifically, whether or
not an unusual port number or HTTPS were used.

On my site, HTTPS fetches are needed because Typo is integrated with a
single sign-on engine that requires them. Over plain HTTP, users always
appear to be logged out. Unfortunately, most URLs generated by Typo 4.1
seems to be a fully specified link including host and protocol, assuming
HTTP and stripping out the port number. Having a port number is useful
me for various reasons, but its loss is not a disaster; OTOH, having the
site lose track of HTTPS is a show-stopper because that breaks the site
fundamentally for normal users.

Is there a swift way to get Typo to preserve protocol and port? I would
in the first instance suggest that Typo should only ever generate
relative URLs anyway, thus sidestepping the issue, but of course it
to construct fully specified URLs for RSS feeds and there’s (probably)
point having two different URL generation paths.

TIA for all advice.

TTFN, Andrew H.
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