New Towards Rails WIKI page

I’ve created a new WIKI page at to summarize the
current progress towards executing Gems and Rails. It contains a
priority list of unresolved bugs, unimplemented methods and uncommitted
patches. It’s certainly not a complete list, just those issues that I’ve
explicitly encountered so far.

Anyone looking for a method to implement or a bug to fix could certainly
look here.

Feel free to edit, append and further annotate it as appropriate and put
your name against methods on the list.

Cheers, Wayne.

Has anyone told you lately how much you rock? Cause, you rock!

On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 9:32 AM, Wayne K. [email protected] wrote:

Michael L.
[Polymath Prokrammer]


Wayne K.:

New Towards Rails WIKI page

Awesome. Thanks for doing this, Wayne!

FYI I’ve gone through most of your patches and accepted the ones that
make most sense (see the followup patch mails for more details). I’ll
come back and update this page once we push the update out to SVN.


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