New to Ruby

Hi Friends. I am extremely new to Ruby. can you please suggest me how to
proceed to grab this in a short span of time…

Hello Samir,

I am a newbie as well, and not even a programmer … I have built up
this list of potential help. Some are free and others you pay for.
Just check each one out and use there free services until you get more

I used Michael H.’ screencasts to learn the basics. Here is the

There is many other tutorials, Rob Connery has some introductory
screen casts:

Ryan B. has a whole lot of railscasts that address specific issues
in rails:

Kevin Wang and Chris Lee are offering a course in rails:

Then you have where you can sign up and request a
mentor to help you through a sticky spot.

Another great resource is Rails Guide.

Peepcode has a series on rails:

Rails Zombies is a fun introduction:

Another great service is Rails hotline … this one you phone up and
you get a rails programmer on the phone who will talk you through your
problem … if you find he has really helped you, then you can buy the
group some more phone minutes … this is all explained at the web

Another site, just for reference, is a real expensive site but for
folks who are already proficient in rails but want some more power …

I guess that is it for me … I think there are even more resources
but maybe some of the other members could fill you in on those.

Keep on riding the rails.

thanks very much, i m newbie too is there for you too.

There is a Core Ruby batch starting in about a week as well. Not
‘Rails-centric’ but Ruby-centric.

Thanks Friends. All the above links are really very helpful. :slight_smile: -
This is a good choice to supplement with the Ruby on Rails tutorial.
Once you get through these comfortably, you can move onto more
advanced topics, and books.

Also, Try keeping a blog as a journal and keep track of your day to
day development. There are few problems that you’d keep encountering
over and over again. An example is of setting up the environment, and
common debugging problems that keep recurring.

In addition, has a software as a service course that is
coming up which you can take. But you would need to become stronger
in the programming aspect.

Which platform are you developing on ? Windows, Linux, Mac ?

Hi, Thanks for the Link. I am working on Linux environment…