New to Ruby want to learn more

Hi All,

I am new to Ruby on rails. can any one please tell me is net beans best
ide for ruby? if not can any one suggest a good IDE for begineer.



There’s a similar active thread right now. Better look at it: it boils
down to “the best IDE is vim” ->

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This is probably the single most asked newbie question. Dog through
previous posts. We are tired of saying the same thing over and over.
read the back chatter.


Thanks for the reply. I could not see the link your post. can you please
give me the link.


I used vi simply because I’m an oldhat bsd admin. The language creator
emacs. There are some pure ruby editors out there which is fun and met
people who swear by them. If your new to the command line pico/nano are
nice. I see many people use sublime and editors which are like it. If
plan to be working with many languages and tools vi is one which you
probably will end up using for the rest of your career even if it’s just
edit configurations and small scripts. You can’t lose with any of the
editors mentioned.