New to Ruby; need some help

I am still working with console apps and do not see myself moving away
from command line any time in the near future. However with one of
the apps I am working on, I need something that writes the time in the
bottom right hand corner and updates it every 1 second.
This is the box below (I hope this works lol).

| C:\Ruby P.s> ruby Test.rb
| Enter Number Here: 1
| Display stuff Here
|__________________________________ 7:22:42 PM_

Basically something that looks like that.

I know some C++ and Java, but all the apps I write for those are
GUIā€¦ so frankly, I have no idea what to call what I am looking for,
so Google is not much help :frowning:

Thanks for all the help,
Chris Mays

|__________________________________ 7:22:42 PM_

I noticed this in the trunk changeLog:

Tue Feb 3 21:19:06 2009 TAKAO Kouji [email protected]

    * ext/readline/extconf.rb: checked rl_set_screen_size and

    * ext/readline/readline.c (readline_s_set_screen_size): added

    * ext/readline/readline.c (readline_s_get_screen_size): added

also you may have some success with highline, curses, ncurses, perhaps.

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