New to Rails dev

hi all ,
iam just starting to learn rails dev , i want to know What are the best resources to learn Rails from scratch?

Hello, Rails is nightmare at first, but it’s really really easy later on. Rails has a lot of files and directories and a lot of stuff that can be frightening to start!

So if you are comfortable with videos, you can take some courses on Udemy. First you need to know Ruby, if you don’t know that, you can take this course:

Then move on to Rails, here’s a course that doesn’t teach Ruby, but teaches Rails to absolute beginners who have idea about Ruby:

You can take another course after the above is done!

This one is also nice:

There’s no affiliation or something like that.

Now it’s not a child’s play to complete the first 30 hour Ruby course then the 40 hour course then the 20 hour course…

You just need some time and patience to code along with the instructor…

I know it’ll take a year or so! But you will understand rails really deeply in that time.

Now If you know Ruby, don’t take the first course, you can take the 2nd.

If you do the 2nd one, there’s not much need to take the 3rd one. The 3rd one will make you practice more.

The 2nd one is really a masterpiece. The instructor has deep knowledge.

There are YouTube channels like this ones:

Which is not absolutely for beginners but if you take the 2nd course, you will understand what he says…

BTW I think these are the best resources. I got 100% off (free, no payment info needed) of the Ruby course, but I had to purchase both the rails courses.

So try to find some 100% off coupons, if you don’t get them, open Udemy, they always provide 95% off! You have to pay, but you pay a trifle amount.

I had to pay Rs. 420 here in India, which is also the price of a pizza…

Hope this information will help…