New to OFDM, computational needs

I’m working on a project that uses powerline networking. Powerline
networking uses ODFM QAM. My CPU is a Freescale MPC5200 running at

Is it feasible to do the ODFM encode/decode on the mpc5200? If so,
I’ll explore the gnuradio code further. I’m new to this and I’m trying
to get a feel for what the computation needs for doing ODFM are.

The exacting encoding:
510 sub carriers

mpc5200 can do single clock FP mult/add at 520Mhz

How fast of D/A A/D and what precision do I need?

The project is at
A Digispeaker is a 100W multi-room amp that uses your AC wiring for
You plug then in or build them into the ceiling, you can then listen
to stream music or play your mp3s. They synchronize if the same
playlist is playing in multiple rooms.

From the site you can see that we can buy the chips for doing this
from Intellon. But they are closed source. We’re poking around for an
open source solution.

We also looked at 802.11G but were unable to achieve a cost effective,
reliable solution. We can get either of those, but not both.

Jon S.
[email protected]