New Ruby IDE discussion group formed

Hi all,

To pump up the volume on discussions around IDEs that do Ruby and have
a place to talk about creating a dream version, I’ve created a Google
Group called Ruby IDE.

[email protected]

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts about Ruby based IDEs. What
you like, hate. What would you like to see in your dream IDE? What
would entice you to learn Ruby if you didn’t already know it, assuming
you had a great environment to work in.

Hopefully this is a high S-N ratio discussion, and doesn’t devolve
into flame wars about favorite IDEs (or not using them).

I will periodically post my thoughts about what I feel should be in a
community developed IDE. My first thought in this regard is that an
IDE should showcase its language’s best features, and not just copy
other traditional IDE models. What are some modern IDE features? What
are some that haven’t been implemented yet?

If anyone else is passionate about IDEs and wants to be an
editor/manager/co-owner, please email me.

Thanks, and have fun!


Ed Howland