New Ruby Girl


I’m student on anakkale 18 Mart University computer engineering, i got
interested ruby, i want to do some works with ruby, are there jobs i can

If You want a job maybe you should try freelance web like

You can try as well. If you’re wondering whether there are
full-time jobs using Ruby, yes, there are, but in my experience it
on where you live. In a place like California, USA, there seem to be
a few full-time positions as a Ruby on Rails developer. If you live in a
bigger city there tend to be much Ruby on Rails jobs.


if you are a beginner maybe you should start playing with it first,
after that, you can join or commit some open source projects.
A perfect way to get familiar with the language and create an
impressive github profile. Then you can get a much cooler job on
elance or anywhere else because you are more experienced.

A fun song about collaboration from github: :smiley:


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