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Hi Folks,

Hope all is well with you in Rubyland.

I am the founder of Crudzilla Software (, we make a
web-dev product for JVM targeted languages. Ruby/JRuby is one such
so it is a first-class language on our platform.

We are looking to start a blog series called “Ruby off Rails”, basically
series that contrasts using Ruby with our middle-ware vs the Rails
middle-ware. Anyone interested in participating can contact me.

Questions, feedback and feature requests welcomed.


On Oct 29, 2013, at 13:00 , Edmond K. [email protected]

Questions, feedback and feature requests welcomed.

you could start by actually describing whatever it is. Seems odd that
you’re ready to charge me $600(!!) but I have no idea what it offers
other than “web development on the web”, whatever that means.

Tell us more about the product.

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Hi Ajay,

Hope you are well and thanks for the feedback.

The Crudzilla product is a web development tool that runs in the
As stated on the main page it can be run as a personal dev environment
on a
laptop or you can deploy it to a server for team use.

It is built on the JVM and as such supports a bunch of languages that
been bound to the JVM including ruby (via JRuby). This can be a big win
Ruby because it means big companies can adopt/incorporate Ruby without
disturbing their JVM stack.

Beyond the basic dev environment features the product also has its own
middle-ware that greatly simplifies Database/sql work without the need
an ORM layer. Other frequently required tasks such as configuration,
sending email, uploading files or connecting to RESTFUL HTTP services
require literally zero coding.

We have a YouTube channel with some initial video screencast that
the main capabilities of the platform

You can start with the intro video:

We are a bootstrapped startup so we are not yet as polished but we are
happy to get feedback, especially as it relates to functionality that
might want.

From a product vision perspective, we aim to build a modern developer
that is truly accessible, meaning a product that looks professional and
be used to help less experienced developers become quickly productive
without being bugged down in low-level technical detail, in other words
product that would be ideal for business application development.

However more capable developers will also find that the platform doesn’t
tie their hands or try to force them to do things a certain way.

Hope this is helpful, more questions and feedback welcome. We are
on making the landing page more informative.


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