New RoR app: RTRails 0.1. Uses HTTP push and a window system


hi all,

anybody care to see my new rails app? It is the second version of
Realtime on Rails.


Two screenshots:

Here’s the project description:

A RoR app using Ajax HTTP streaming to update browsers from the server.
Includes: A ruby HTTPD for mediating the push connections, a JS Window
system and two demo apps: Chat/IM with rich text editing (Dojo) MP3
player with shared playlist (using AFLAX).

It is not tested well, so expect errors :frowning:
Also there seem to be some CSS bugs under Opera. I use scgi which seems
to crash sometimes.

You will have to create a new user, but no email validation is

I will publish this under an LGPL license at the beginning of February.
My homepage:



That looks fantastic - very well done! I like the graphics and the
look/feel. Looking forward to a source release.



damn that looks cool… my only suggestion is that you work on better
graphics for your UI…