New Release: One-Click Ruby Installer 1.8.4-17 release candi

We are almost there to a final release. The uninstall issues have been
fixed, and a few packages have been upgraded to more recent versions.
thanks to Ryan L. and Shahank Date who stepped in to help finish
this release!

*** Only “show-stopper” problems will be fixed ***

We are extreme short of manpower at the moment. So as much as I would
to address each and every issue, the reality is that only serious
will be address before the final release.

The main changes/fixes in this release are:

  • Start menu items are now removed on uninstall
  • Upgrade VRuby to vruby060223
  • Upgrade SWin to vrswin060205
  • Upgrade FXRuby to 1.4.6
  • Upgraded zlib to 1.2.3.
  • RUBYOPT is now properly handled on install and
    uninstall when adding the -rubygems option.

Has anybody tried wether this now works with rmagick (on rails 1.1) ?


Nice job.

We’re noticing on some machines that the installer doesn’t preserve the
PATH… instead, it erases it and sets it only to the ruby path. Not
what would cause that and it doesn’t happen all the time. Just thought I
would bring it up.

Thanks for letting me know. I hadn’t heard that before. I’ll keep my
open here for any pattern.


I’m having no problem with RMagick and I used the previous beta 1.84
One-click installer release.

Thanks for this one click installer btw. :slight_smile:


On 03/05/06, Curt H. [email protected] wrote:

like to address each and every issue, the reality is that only serious

uninstall when adding the -rubygems option.

Rails mailing list
[email protected]
Jargon Free Web D.

We haven’t done anything with the One-Click Installer that would effect
RMagick one way or the other.

I’m not an RMagick user myself, but I have to believe there is someone
there who is using RMagick with Ruby 1.8.4.


Mark, tell us about your setup, because from what I have heard and
experienced, rails 1.1 on windows and with the win32rmagick gem and with
(previous) Ruby 1.8.4 Windows Installer does not work (just take out
rmagick, then everything is fine), because rmagick seems to be compiled
mingw and ruby with MS VC.