New Rails App - Web Based SSH

Hey All -

I’ve just put up a new rails app you might find interesting. It’s
called Its basically a web based SSH client. We use
Rails to run the whole thing along with modifications to the ajaxterm
js library. It’s helpful if you’re stuck at a job that blocks SSH
access (believe me, they exist - I’ve been there), or you’re on
someone else’s computer and you don’t want to install an SSH client
(like putty).


[email protected] wrote:

No offense but there’s no way I would trust a 3rd party to proxy an SSH
connection through a Web browser for me.

Michael W.

this is wicked dude

i’ve meaning to write one of these for ages…myself…because my work
gaylord and blocks anything that is not spam

I agree with other peoples comments that this has 3rd party trust

you might be able to sell this as a drop in module/plugin for admins to
on their own hosts…

good luck