[New Radiant Site] TE@Onghu

Hi Guys

I’ve finally formally and fully launched the TE@Onghu website - a
website about the T-Engine platform, a platform for the rapid
development of embedded and real-time systems. As you can guess
(specially when you look at the site), I’m not a graphics guy, so the
website looks incredibly plain with the best colour matching that I
could do. I agree with the recent comment that I know what I like but I
can’t make my site look like it.

Just for the tech side of things, I’m using Radiant 0.6.4 currently on
FCGI on hostingrails. There isn’t much traffic yet but I expect to buy
into a single mongrel soon and if things go well, a cluster in about 3 ~
6 months. Other than stock Radiant, I’m using the following extensions:

  1. CopyMove
  2. Search (not yet in use)
  3. PageAttachments

Custom extensions/ tags:

  1. A simple one that when invoked, converts a URL/ email address into a
    hyperlink so that you don’t have to type “ruby.org”:ruby.org and so on.
  2. A newness tag that dumps a little ‘new!’ in front of the article
    name if it’s published date is within a specified limit
  3. Integration with YABBS - an extension that parses the list of the 10
    most recent posts on a YABBS forum and prints out the list onto the
  4. A language bar that checks if the given article also exists in other
    languages (based on some convention) and renders links to the other

Most importantly, I’d like to thank all of you for your patience in
answering my questions - and a big thank you for all your help.

If anyone has ideas on how to improve things, I’d love to hear!

12/1/2007 | 9:05 PM.