New Qt blocks and other helpful blocks

Hi everybody,

some time ago I stumbled over the problem that I missed a Qt version of
some blocks. In particular I wanted to have a Qt numbersink and a
Thus, I created them [1] with Qt designer and integrated them into a GR
block. For now, they use Python. There are ‘.ui’ files that have to be
to generate the ‘.py’ files manually with pyuic4. Then they should
along with the other blocks.
Along with the Qt blocks I converted one of the gr-specest blocks ‘DOA
MUSIC’ to the GR 3.7 API. The code I used for this is from Balint
Also I wanted to have a Qt version of uhd_fft. But I didn’t want to add
code to the generated .py file. This lead to the creation of a ‘Catch
Function Result’ block. It is a pure xml block which calls another
member function and stores the result into its own variable. I didn’t
to use ‘Function Probe’ because I don’t want to spawn a new thread which
constantly calls a function.

For those of you who are eager to try those blocks. The uhd_fft_qt
flowgraph can be found in the projects examples folder.

In the hope that those blocks are helpful for others.



Just tried installing your helpful QT blocks. When I try the run
qt_block_test.grc I get the following error;

File “/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/misc/”,
line 28, in
import usb.core
ImportError: No module named core

I have got python-usb (0.4.3-1) installed. Any idea what may be wrong?

Linux Mint 16



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