New project

we are a publicly traded company that is looking for the next newest,
greatest, best thing that is web-based. i know, everybody is looking
for this. but we are in a unique position financially to do something
about it. i am facinated with infant ideas that go viral with in years
via the web. we currently have a very cool studio with all the lastest
greatest high tech gadgetry and i have been toiling with a way to
marry some of our current assets and twitter like connectivity. i
recognize that this idea is probably attracting yawns from the valley
crowed, but i thought i would post and see what happens. i can be
reached at [email protected] .

2009/7/29 Joseph [email protected]:

reached at [email protected] .
A publicly traded company without a website or domain name for email?
Also using an email client without spell checker.
I know, I should not even bother.