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Jim O. has just posted in the How to… forum of Nginx Forum under
the title of Test of email function.

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Sorry to the group that you may be receiving this but I am testing the
email function of the forum.

If someone would respond so I know it went through I’d appreciate it.

yeah, it worked. however, is there any email BACK to the forum :slight_smile:

one directional doesn’t help much. heh

Not yet. Like I said, anyone with some php abilities wants to write
the patch…

yeah the first time i got my forum registration it was in spam too. i
marked it as not spam.

might be because it’s from [email protected]

the SPF records for your provider passed though.

also i’d prefer this stuff be hosted on the same provider somewhere -
wiki/forums/etc… makes no sense to keep them silo’ed

Hi Guys ~

Quick note: GMail flagged this thread as SPAM. Be sure that the server
sending out the emails from the forum has a proper FQDN and a proper
DNS entry.



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