New plugin directory

At the tail end of David’s presentation at Canada On Rails there was
a small discussion about the need for something a little better than
the wiki for housing information about the plugins available for
Rails. A place where people new to Rails could quickly find the most
useful plugins, and a place with a little more structure than the
free-form wiki. I’m trying to build that place. is a brand new (I built it
during the conference - heh) Rails plugin directory. Here you can
find plugins, rate them, and add your own. I’ve primed the pump with
the most minimal of screen scrapes from the wiki, so any help adding
meat to the bones that are there would be most welcome. Of course,
if nobody else does it, I’ll get around to it, but don’t let that
stop you. :slight_smile:

Suggestions are more than welcome, and yes, search is coming soon. I
want to make this into a useful resource for the community, and I’d
be happy to hear any ideas that would make achieving that goal more
likely. I hope you find the site useful.