New O'Reilly Guide - Web Services on Rails


Anybody seen it yet? Here’s the bit I got today in the email:

Web Services on Rails

By Kevin M.
ISBN: 0-596-52796-9
32 pages, 9.99 USD, 12.99 CAD, 6.95 GBP

This PDF will show you how your small business or enterprise can
publish its APIs
(application programming interface) to a developer community just like
the behemoths
of the Internet–Google, Yahoo!, eBay, and Amazon–allowing for add-on
services and
mash-ups to develop from them. Ruby on Rails levels the playing field
for companies
by simplifying the process of building web services and documenting

With Rails, enterprise-quality tools are available for all developers.
In this document,
we’ll look at how Ruby on Rails makes building web service clients and
servers simple
and fun. Along the way, we’ll give working examples and code details
so you can see
just how everything works.