New libxml API


Recently the libxml-ruby project was picked up, and is being actively
developed again. My co-workers and I have been needing an XML solution
faster than REXML, and have decided to switch over to libxml. In the
we started adding on some functionality, and would like to continue to
in the development. I would like to use this thread as a forum for open
discussion on the likes, dislikes, and desires for the libxml API,
specifically I would like to look the XML::Document, XML::Node,
and XML::Note::Set. I am working on writing up a proposed API, and while
work I that I thought I would see what everyone else’s idea’s are.
use this thread to list out any features you would like, any naming
conventions you want followed, and really anything else you can think
of. I
will hopefully finish and post my proposed API (influenced by the
to this thread) sometime this weekend.

Thanks for all your help,
Mark Van H.