New in-parallel gem

Hi all,
I was looking for a very simple gem to execute code in parallel in
different processes that would take care of managing STDOUT and return
values that I wanted to pass back to the parent process. What I found
was that there are perfectly reasonable solutions for running through a
large queue of similar tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.
While there were also some attempts to fulfill my use case of a few
larger, longer running and very different tasks in parallel, I didn’t
find anything with as simple of an interface as I wanted. The goal
of this gem is to lower the barrier of entry to executing code in
parallel for Ruby projects where simplicity and readability trump sheer
efficiency. It occurred to me that this solution could be useful to

Thus the in-parallel gem was born:

At this point it is relatively stable, although it is still early in
it’s life. I would definitely be open to feedback and/or requests.