New German Site -



I wanted to announce my latest Rails site. ( ) is a German site by Juniter where
students can evaluate their university courses and thereby their
The professor’s rating is the calculated average rating of his courses.
idea is inspired by and will help students to choose
their courses and give recommendations to other students.

One main feature of the site is the nice reporting.

Want to know who is the funniest professor in Berlin?
Which course is the toughest in Germany?
Which professor gives the best grades in Bavaria?

Just use our TopFlop listings to query this information.

The site is build with Ruby on Rails and uses and
for JavaScript Effects and AJAX. We have an AJAX live search and use
for course and professor name suggestion when students add them. Thanks
Ruby on Rails we could implement the whole site in our free time in less
than a month. In more complicated frameworks like J2EE we would never be
finished yet. We want to thank the Rails community for this wonderful
framework and hope to contribute to Rails’ popularity with our site.

We got nearly 1000 ratings over the last couple of days and hope at
least to
keep this pace. If you study in Germany or know German students go to
website ( ), spread the word, and give us


Jonathan W.