NEW GEM: GenericGem

Check out my new gem called GenericGem, which streamlines the process of
creating a new gem. There are many generic and routine tasks common to
or most gems but are all too easy to forget. GenericGem takes care of
these tasks so that you can focus on your gem’s unique capabilities.

Just enter “gem install generic_gem” to install GenericGem and then
the command “generic_gem” to use it. The URL is:

GenericGem requests the name of your gem, your name, and your email
address. It then uses the “bundle” command to create the gem and then
AUTOMATICALLY takes care of the generic details common to all or most of
the gems you will likely create. These details include:

  1. Adding the Code of Conduct
  2. Adding the MIT license WITH your name filled in for the copyright
  3. Providing your name and email address in the gemspec
  4. Setting up RSpec testing capability
  5. Making the bin/setup and bin/console scripts executable
  6. Adding and setting up your Rakefile for testing your gem
  7. Adding a one-step script: Just enter “sh” to
    execute “bundle install” AND “rake”.
  8. Adding a one-step script: Just enter “sh”
    to install the gem you are developing.
  9. Adding tmp*, .DS_Store, and *.gem to your .gitignore file
  10. Updating your file to include the above gem testing and
    installation procedures