New gem: breaktime

Hi ruby lovers,

I wanted to introduce my new gem, breaktime.

Have a break, have an unbranded chocolate snack.

Breaktime gives your eyes a rest from the screen by scheduling screen
breaks. Configure it to give you breaks at given intervals (optionally
restricting it to certain days of the week), and when the time’s due it
will pop up with a dialog box with a 10 second countdown to your break.

You have the choice to cancel, but don’t, for the sake of your eyes!

After the 10 second countdown, your screensaver will pop up, forcing you
to go and make a drink. Who knows, it might just be the thing to pull
you away from your coding that’s gone until 3 in the morning, and help
you get some sleep.

If you like the sound of this, install it with:

gem install breaktime

You then get a command line program, “breaktime”. By default, it will
run once an hour and will hopefully work out which command is used to
start your screensaver on your OS. It’s all configurable though, just
check out the README on the Github page:
GitHub - joonty/breaktime: Give your eyes a rest from the screen, enforce regular breaks!.

It’s very early days yet, and it’s been tested only on Ubuntu and
Windows. I welcome contributions and feedback. It needs a test suite,
which is the next thing on the roadmap. Also on the roadmap is a GUI
configuration (currently a YAML file) and being able to specify
exclusion hours.

The dialog stuff was created with green shoes, scheduling with rufus


Nice one! it is.