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I recently started using the login engine, one the first things we
was the ability for a user to click a “remember-me” type of check box
and a
cookie be set.

I was able to accomplish this in the login-engine with some very minor
changes to the following code.

M app\models\user.rb (Added a new attribute, no need to save this
the database)
M app\controllers\user_controller.rb (Setting a cookie if the
remember-me check box is checked)
M app\views\user\login.rhtml (Added a check box )
M lib\login_engine\authenticated_system.rb (Checking to see if
there is
a cookie and if there is, creating the user from it)

I have attached the code to this mail, do you think this is some feature
that could be added to the login engine ?

If you’re familiar with the technique, wrapping this up as a
diff/patch and creating a ticket for it in the Collaboa site would be
greatly appreciated -

You might also want to document how you went about developing this on
the wiki, for the benefit of others.

Thanks - good work!

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On 3/20/06, Devender G. [email protected] wrote:

the database)
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