New DarwinPorts script

I’ve uploaded to my WWW area a new DP script, and will have to do so
again pretty soon since the DP project has changed names to
“MacPorts”. The major change is an update to SDCC from 2.4.0 (with a
bug) to 2.6.0 (with no bug). The “old” script will error out when
trying to compile SDCC since version 2.4.0 is no longer available.

BTW> Anyone with an Intel-Mac which does work with GR and using DP
for the background libraries and apps: Do you know if DP fixed the
Intel version of fftw 3.1.1? My script’s changes will still work,
but do not provide optimized object code. It would be nice to know
that this issue has been resolved (I do not have regular access to an
Intel-Mac yet, but I’m working on that for our lab ;). If you want
to try it (Intel-Mac only):

sudo port uninstall fftw-single
sudo port uninstall fftw
sudo port install fftw-single

and if it works, then DP has fixed the issue. If not, then you can
run the dp_inst.csh script and it will reinstall fftw stuff correctly
(NOTE: if any of your installed packages are outdated, then there
might be conflicts in reinstalling them; fftw should still reinstall
correctly). If anyone tries this, please let me know either way.
Thanks! - MLD

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