New build errors on Mono

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On 9/15/08, C.J. Adams-Collier [email protected] wrote:

Details in attached log. Sounds like something else I need to throw
to Marek. What do you folks think?

Best way to get it fixed is to file a bug with a small repro.


Thanks for the tips, Curt, JB. I’ll file a bug report with Novell and
hope Marek can build a repro himself. I’m currently stealing time
just to run the build and report errors, so I don’t really have time
to go too deep here.



bug filed.

_traceListener.Call(new[] {
MutableString.Create(“call”), // event
fileName, // file
RuntimeHelpers.Int32ToObject(lineNumber), // line
scope.Method.DefinitionName, // TODO: alias
new Binding(scope), // binding
module.IsSingletonClass ? ((RubyClass)module).SingletonClassOf :
module // module

I suspect that the Mono compiler is choking on the mix of reference
types with one value type in the array – the compiler will need to box
DefinitionName to put it into an object[] array. That should help you
devise a repro.

I imagine you could force this to build by manually casting
DefinitionName to an object.