New Application, iTunes like application, MVC architecture

Hey guys!

I am a little new and developing a new lightweight application and am
curious about my structure. I want users to add songs and also be able
make playlists. If they so choose, the songs in the library can move to
playlist. Then the songs library can be searchable.

So I thought of making a user controller and a playlists controller. But
for the songs, should I make a pages or songs controller. What would be
best way to tie everything together? In a way, this is very similar to a
basic iTunes.

On 9 October 2013 02:57, Mike A. [email protected] wrote:

Are you asking what the user interface and navigation should look
like, or how to get the UI that you have already defined? If you know
how the UI and navigation should function then the answer should be
fairly obvious. If you can obtain the functionality in a number of
ways and don’t know which is best then just go for the one you feel
most confident with and if it ends up not right then change it. That
is the best way to learn when you are just beginning. The effort
involved in re-factoring should not be great. Make sure you have full
test coverage as you develop it so that you know it still works when
you have refactored.

I presume you have already worked right through a good tutorial such