New added function in vendor modue unrecognized


My controller creates an instance of a module class.
The module resides into the /vendor folder.


This class, or all this app, has been done by someone that apparently
know much more about ruby than me.

As long as I make changes inside this class, its ok. For example, I
added new code inside one function. No problems.

The problem, the big problem, is that it seems I cannot create new
things in this class. If I create a

def testfunc
str = ‘str’

and then I try to call it from the controller, then I get an undefined
The definition of the function is before the private-directive. So it
is visible.
If I substitute the call to testfunc to one existing one, then I dont
get any error.

Why? Im not good at ruby. So I was thinking if maybe there is some
place where all the functions of the module are defined. So I searched
all the code, but I never found a place where the functions are

Well, Im in stuck. Any advice?

On Jun 9, 12:18pm, Sta C. [email protected] wrote:


Oh well, solved. I needed to restart WEBrick. I need to do it each
time I make changes in modules!