Network packet capture

I wan to capture network traffic so I’ve been looking at pcaplet. It
seems to work but people are saying that its quite old so I was
wondering if there was anything newer available.

If there is nothing better, I’ve got two issues with it, the first is
I get this message three times when I start up a script:

/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/i686-linux/ warning: do not use
Fixnums as Symbols

I’ve read this is because of something in ruby becoming deprecated,
what can I do to stop these warnings?

The other problem is that once it has captured a packet it starts
flooding my network with DNS queries. It gets an answer to its first
request so it doesn’t need to keep requesting. tcpdump just does a
single lookup so it doesn’t seem to be the pcap libraries that are
causing this.

Can anyone help with either of these?



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