Netflix Open Connect Appliance Software

This is a cross posting from freebsd-stable. I thought it worth giving
Igor et al a shout out:

From Netflix :

Open Source Software

Open Connect Appliance Software

Netflix delivers streaming content using a combination of intelligent
clients, a central control system, and a network of Open Connect

When designing the Open Connect Appliance Software, we focused on these
fundamental design goals:

Use of Open Source software

Ability to efficiently read from disk and write to network sockets

High-performance HTTP delivery

Ability to gather routing information via BGP

Operating System

For the operating system, we use FreeBSD version 9.0. This was selected
for its balance of stability and features, a strong development
community and staff expertise. We will contribute changes we make as
part of our project to the community through the FreeBSD committers on
our team.

Web server

We use the nginx web server for its proven scalability and performance.
Netflix audio and video is served via HTTP.

Routing intelligence proxy

We use the BIRD Internet routing daemon to enable the transfer of
network topology from ISP networks to the Netflix control system that
directs clients to sources of content.


We would would like to express our thanks to the FreeBSD community, the
nginx community, and Ondrej and the BIRD team for providing excellent
open source software. We also work directly with Igor, Maxim, Andrew,
Sergey, Ruslan and the rest of the team at, who provide superb
development support for our project.


Contact the Open Connect team at [email protected].

If you are interested in joining the Content Delivery or another team at
Netflix, apply at Netflix Jobs

Jim O.