Netbeans, Javafx & JRuby

In the search for the “perfect” gui for ruby, my latest area of
investigation is in the javafx world.
Is it possible to use JRuby with javafx in the netbeans environment?
The following code copied into a netbeans jfx project works fine.
How would I change the project to use jruby?
Googling does not seem to throw up any discussion on this matter.
Is anyone able to point me in the direction of a resource covering this

import javafx.ui.*;

    class HelloWorldModel {
        attribute saying: String;

    var model = HelloWorldModel {
        saying: "Hello World"

    Frame {
        title: "Hello World JavaFX"
        width: 200

        content: Label {
            text: bind model.saying
        visible: true

Paul F.

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In general I think we’re going to need a bit of legwork to reuse the
frameworks JFX is based on in JRuby, but we can probably present just
about as nice a scripting interface in the process. There’s nothing
automatic yet as far as I know (and of course JFX is still pretty

Paul F. wrote:

       width: 200

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