Net::SFTP 1.0.1

Net::SFTP is an implementation of SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol),
versions 1-5. It is dependent upon the Net::SSH library.

This release fixes problems with the implementation of version 4 of
the SFTP protocol. Specifically:

  • “Name” packets were not being parsed correctly
  • The implementation of the “open” operation in v4 should have
    been in v5 (v4 uses the same implementation as v1-3)

As more and more SFTP servers begin using versions of the protocol
greater than 3, more issues may be discovered. Please report them as
soon as you encounter them. (Net::SFTP was only properly tested with
SFTP version 3–server implementations of versions greater than 3
were hard to find at the time.)


Gem install:

gem install net-sftp

The 1.0.1 package may not have propogated to all mirrors yet, so if
you find that you installed 1.0.0 instead of the expected 1.0.1,
please try again.

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