Net::SCP How to use ssh options?


I’m trying to use custom SSH-Options with the modules Net::SCP

These are the used versions:

Ruby: 1.9.1
Net::SSH: 2.9.4 (Last Version that works with ruby 1.x)
Net::SCP: 1.2.1

In the documentation, there is the following to read:

== upload!(host, username, local, remote, options={}, &progress) ==

… If the options hash includes an :ssh key, the value for that will be
passed to the SSH connection as options (e.g., to set the password,
etc.). …

So I tried this:

Net::SCP.start(host, “root”) do |scp|
scp.upload! local_dir, remote_dir, :recursive => true , :ssh =>

This did not work. The Dialog for PasswordAuthentication is displayed
when the key is not allowed. Desired behaviour is that the connection
attempt fails immediately.

I also tried the :auth_methods Key. But that did not work either.

Thanks for any hints.