Net-ldap 0.2 Released

net-ldap version 0.2 has been released!

Net::LDAP for Ruby (also called net-ldap) implements client access for
the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), an IETF standard
protocol for accessing distributed directory services. Net::LDAP is
written completely in Ruby with no external dependencies. It supports
most LDAP client features and a subset of server features as well.

Net::LDAP has been tested against modern popular LDAP servers including
OpenLDAP and Active Directory. The current release is mostly compliant
with earlier versions of the IETF LDAP RFCs (22512256, 28292830, 3377,
and 3771). Our roadmap for Net::LDAP 1.0 is to gain full client
compliance with the most recent LDAP RFCs (45104519, plus portions of


Net::LDAP 0.2 / 2011-03-__

  • Major Enhancements:
    • Net::LDAP::Filter changes:
      • Filters can only be constructed using our custom constructors (eq,
        ge, etc.). Cleaned up the code to reflect the private new.
      • Fixed #to_ber to output a BER representation for :ne filters.
        Simplified the BER construction for substring matching.
      • Added Filter.join(left, right), Filter.intersect(left, right), and
        Filter.negate(filter) to match Filter#&, Filter#|, and Filter#[email protected]
        to prevent those operators from having problems with the private
      • Added Filter.present and Filter.present? aliases for the method
        previously only known as Filter.pres.
      • Added Filter.escape to escape strings for use in filters, based on
      • Added Filter.equals, Filter.begins, Filter.ends and
        Filter.contains, which automatically escape input for use in a
        filter string.
      • Cleaned up Net::LDAP::Filter::FilterParser to handle branches
        better. Fixed some of the regular expressions to be more
        canonically defined.
      • Correctly handles single-branch branches.
      • Cleaned up the string representation of Filter objects.
      • Added experimental support for RFC4515 extensible matching (e.g.,
        “(cn:caseExactMatch:=Fred Flintstone)”); provided by “nowhereman”.
    • Net::LDAP::DN class representing an automatically
      escaping/unescaping distinguished name for LDAP queries.
  • Minor Enhancements:
    • SSL capabilities will be enabled or disabled based on whether we can
      load OpenSSL successfully or not.
    • Moved the core class extensions extensions from being in the
      Net::LDAP hierarchy to the Net::BER hierarchy as most of the methods
      therein are related to BER-encoding values. This will make
      extracting Net::BER from Net::LDAP easier in the future.
    • Added some unit tests for the BER core extensions.
    • Paging controls are only sent where they are supported.
  • Documentation Changes:
    • Core class extension methods under Net::BER.
    • Extensive changes to Net::BER documentation.
    • Cleaned up some rdoc oddities, suppressed empty documentation
      sections where possible.
    • Added a document describing how to contribute to Net::LDAP most
    • Added a document recognizing contributors to Net::LDAP.
  • Extended unit testing:
    • Added some unit tests for the BER core extensions.
    • The LDIF test data file was split for Ruby 1.9 regexp support.
    • Added a cruisecontrol.rb task.
    • Converted some test/unit tests to specs.
  • Code clean-up:
    • Made the formatting of code consistent across all files.
    • Removed Net::BER::BERParser::TagClasses as it does not appear to be
    • Replaced calls to #to_a with calls to Kernel#Array; since Ruby
      1.8.3, the default #to_a implementation has been deprecated and
      should be replaced either with calls to Kernel#Array or
    • Modified #add and #modify to return a Pdu#result_code instead of a
      Pdu#result. This may be changed in Net::LDAP 1.0 to return the full
      Pdu#result, but if we do so, it will be that way for all LDAP calls
      involving Pdu objects.
    • Renamed Net::LDAP::Psw to Net::LDAP::Password with a corresponding
      filename change.
    • Removed the stub file lib/net/ldif.rb and class Net::LDIF.
  • Project Management:
    • Changed the license from Ruby + GPL to MIT with the agreement of the
      original author (Francis C.) and the named contributors.
      Versions prior to 0.2.0 are still available under the Ruby + GPL

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